smartyGirl educates women in current, in-demand web technologies

From our Summer Camp for Middle School Girls, to our Boston Area Meetup, to our classes listed here, our goal is to increase the number of women in technology. With the right skills comes empowerment and better paying jobs.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Technology...
But Were Afraid to Ask

'Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Technology But Were Afraid to Ask' provides a broad overview of common computer concepts and will give you the background you need to talk the talk. Join us and start filling in the gaps.

We’ll cover website hosting, hardware, memory, languages, operating systems, architectures, the fundamentals of every programming language and more.

You will leave knowing and understanding key technical terminology. It's our version of a condensed undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

UPCOMING DATES: Stay tuned...

Intro to HTML/CSS

The Intro to HTML/CSS class assumes no prior web development knowledge. This hands-on class covers the basics of HTML and CSS. You will leave this class knowing how to create a website and be able to read and understand HTML and CSS. This is the perfect class to gain the skills needed to understand web development or as a basis for more advance coding.

Layout and RWD

The HTML/CSS Layout class covers in detail the evolution of CSS layout techniques, from tables and floats to the new grid and flex options. We discuss and work through examples using these techniques.

The second half of the class covers Responsive Web Design. You will learn the difference between content and device breakpoints and current best practices.

Working knowledge of HTML/CSS is required for this class.

Intermediate HTML/CSS

The Intermediate HTML/CSS class begins where the Intro Class ends. After a quick review of the basics we will jump right in to more advance topics, including some of the lesser known selectors, menus and forms.

Spend the day having fun and learning with us.

Working knowledge of HTML/CSS is required for this class.

SVG Images & Animation

We start the day with a review of the different image formats (GIF, PNG, JPG and SVG) and learn why now is the time to make the move to SVG for all your graphic needs. You'll learn how to style and use a SVG image and then you will learn how to make your SVG image come alive via CSS animation, transitions and transformations.

You will learn the difference between each type of animation and when best to use each one.

Working knowledge of HTML/CSS is required for this class.

Advanced HTML/CSS

The Advanced HTML/CSS class covers advanced CSS selectors, accessibility/adaptive design, using custom fonts, writing efficient code, CSS variables and what's in the pipeline with HTML 5.1 and future releases. It's a lot to cover in one day so we will start early and jump right in.

Working knowledge of HTML/CSS is required for this class.

In addition to the six core classes described above, we occassionally offer additional classes. Recent topics have included:

SQL Image JavaScript Image Python Image
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Sara leads Front-End Web Development classes at She holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and freelances as a Web Developer.